Mårdøn Smet: Stig & MarthaJohn Kenn Mortensen: More Post-It Monsters

Mårdøn Smet: Stig & Martha
40 pages. b/w+colour. hardcover. 35 cm/14″ tall.

John Kenn Mortensen: More Post-It Monsters
80 pages. b/w+yellow. hardcover. 17 cm/7″ tall.


Like a lost Edward Gorey in a dark Scandinavian forest, with Cthulhu lurking underground, John Kenn Mortensen continues spewing his friendly nightmares onto paper. Thank God! As it says on the tin, More Post-It Monsters is the second collection of his drawings on stationery. Get ‘em before they get you. [More Post-It Monsters is currently sold out but volume one is available from Square Peg under the title Sticky Monsters.]

Mårdøn Smet’s Stig & Martha, published in the year of the duo’s twentieth anniversary, is a collection of Smet’s best stories: beautiful, baroque, grotesque, gross, highly moral and very NSFW. 40 oversize (14 inches/35 cm tall) pages in b/w and colour, hardcover, pantomime, English preface. The meaning of life presented in the shape of a gorgeous turd.