Daniel Clowes: Wilson

Daniel Clowes: Wilson

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Wilson er en enlig, midaldrende, øretæveindbydende egoist, som hele livet har haft nok i sig selv. Nu forsøger han alligevel at række ud efter noget mere, noget større end sig selv, men hans konstante negativitet får folk til at flygte. Da hans gamle far dør, beslutter han sig for, på sin egen bizarre facon, at få sig en familie. Dét ender galt.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Intet mindre end et mesterværk.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Det er vanvittig morsomt, og man nyder mandens manglende situations-fornemmelse. Det kunne sagtens blive sørgmodigt og vildt deprimerende. Men det er det ikke – det er rablende sindssygt på den gode måde.”

★ ★ ★ ★ “et væld af stærkt underholdende misantropiske pointer, en kidnapningshistorie og en grotest illustration af den kærlighed, en mand kan finde på at kaste på sin hund, når ingen andre gider at elske ham.”
– Fyens Stiftstidende

★ ★ ★ ★ “… Daniel Clowes er stadig i stand til at ryste et lille mesterværk ud af ærmet.”
– Strip!

Kåret til en af årets ti bedste bøger af Time Magazine.

You’ve Got to be Obsessed
– Interview i The Guardian

Wilson is a stellar addition to an impressive oeuvre that finds Clowes fully at ease as he navigates the twists and turns in his compelling, clever tale.”
The Globe and Mail

“Clowes takes his particular brand of misanthropic misery to new levels of brilliance in this book, a series of one-page gags that show the divorced and lonely main character repeatedly attempting to engage with life, and then falling back into his hell of pessimism. […] Clowes offers another beautifully drawn slice of piercing social commentary.”
– Starred review, Publishers Weekly

Wilson does not disappoint. It is a masterwork that distils the existential themes touched upon in almost all of Clowes’ previous work…. Wilson is very readable, and it’s Clowes’ best work to date. It can be read as a cautionary tale about what can go wrong when a person fails to empathize, or as a judgement upon the impossibility of empathy. I believe this work seals Clowes reputation as a modern day American Albert Camus. And the comedic timing is totally fucking hilarious.”
The Torontoist

Wilson is a sharp strike right to the sweet spot of the brain where great comics are enjoyed; it’s a late, great start to a 2010 that felt slightly quiet after the rush to publication by book like Footnotes In Gaza in the waning days of 2009. Like all the great steps forward in Clowes’ long career, it mixes a fairly straight-forward reading experience with a skein of smartly-applied formal techniques that tease at what we’re seeing, growing in clarity and force until they ultimately transform the book into a powerful meditation on a subject at which the reader of the first few pages could only guess. It’s Clowes being Clowes, and Wilson all by itself makes 2010 a pretty good year for comics no matter what happens from here on out.”
Comics Reporter

“[Clowes’ comics have] the perfect interplay between his tightly controlled artwork, the empty rage… simmering just beneath it, and just below that, a strangely simple yearning for simple and solid things, like, say, love & There’s poetry in every panel.”
– Dave Eggers, New York Times Book Review

“The great thing about Dan’s work is that his pictures are brilliant, but if he wanted to become just a writer, he could do it.”
– Michael Chabon, forfatter til The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

“It’s not too much to say that Clowes’ best work has the emotional resonance and mordant humor of literary satires such as Portnoy’s Complaint and The Catcher in the Rye.”
– Marc Weingarten, San Francisco Magazine

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