22. april 2012

[Today’s blog entry is in English but I’m sure everyone can cope.]

This weekend’s Comiket Independent Comics Fair was only my second attendance, the first being a few years ago in a dingy, windowless room at the ICA; the big, bright, beautiful Bishopsgate Institute was a great improvement. Sadly, it seems even this venue wasn’t large enough. A few exhibitors had been relegated to a distant basement (I think they should be reimbursed; hardly anyone noticed that room), and as it was, too many tables had been crammed into the main hall, resulting in much too narrow aisles. For most of the day they were a real obstacle course.

The projected live drawing throughout the day was a good idea but next time could we please skip the music? In a crowded hall you don’t really need to increase the noise level; obviously the death metal late in the afternoon was downright obnoxious but even the soothing bass of Leonard Cohen in the morning just added to the cacophony.

Despite grumbles, a big thank you to the organisers is in order for getting all these creative people together in one room (okay, two). The London comics scene has a great sense of punk DYI energy, and in recent years this has been coupled with increased ambitions and skills, spearheaded especially by a small handful of publishers. I came away feeling energised.

I hardly had time to look at anyone else’s stuff, let alone stop to talk to other exhibitors but I got home with good stuff from Gemma Correll, Joe Decie, eleven-year-old Zoom Rockman, Nick Edwards and Francesca Cassavetti. And Nelson.

Oh, and thanks as well to people who said nice things about my books or even bought some of them. (If you did, odds are it was Post-It Monsters. Wow, that was popular.) I hope to be back!

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