Picasso’s contemporaries likely felt this, too

26. september 2012

Fra en god interview/portrætartikel med Chris Ware i anledning af hans nye Building Stories:

When Ware gave a short preview of “Building Stories” last spring during a cartoonists conference at the University of Chicago, cartoonist Ivan Brunetti, one of Ware’s friends, had to choke back tears. “My head, and I think everyone’s heads, was spinning that day. There was a collective gasp.” Canadian cartoonist Seth was more blunt: He cursed, buried his head in his hands.

On the phone the other day, Seth told me: “You know how some work gives an illusion of who the artist is? You imagine R. Crumb laughing as he draws? You never get the impression Chris laughs while working. It’s all hard won. When we met, I remember thinking I had to try harder. A few years ago I got depressed by him, because he was so good every new project starts to feel like a nail in your coffin. Though at some point you recognize he’s in his own category. You can’t compete. Picasso’s contemporaries likely felt this, too.”