Chris Ware taler

10. oktober 2012

Der er en del interviews med Chris Ware på nettet for tiden, i anledning af hans nyeste udgivelse, Building Stories, og ud over at være en af verdens bedste tegneserieskabere er han heller ikke dårlig til at blive interviewet. Vi bringer et par bidder:

I also hope [the younger cartoonists] realize the incredible advantage they’re operating within by not having to answer to any editors or producers or directors and that comics as a medium could ideally be the most visually honest and consciousness-plumbing medium out there, even more than film. Cartooning is profoundly personal, grueling, and potentially serious work, but there’s a very steep “learning curve” to the discipline and it can’t be rushed through, or tossed off. I’m most inspired by work that, as my friend Richard McGuire says, “takes chances and risks,” rather than tries to sell itself.

fra The Comics Journal

You’ve frequently been stereotyped as someone who writes tales which are, to be blunt, depressing. Do you think that’s a fair appraisal?

Sure, if someone feels that way after reading them, but it’s certainly not my aim. I’m simply trying to present life as I’ve experienced it, though admittedly in my own very shielded, first-world way. My characters suffer very little compared to someone who might’ve seen their parents killed in a genocide, or endured starvation or disaster. I don’t know why some readers or viewers don’t find it more depressing that most popular books and movies and television programs can’t seem to not be about murderers or rapists or psychopaths — as if a story simply isn’t interesting unless someone is brutally threatened or killed. Violence is always the cheapest shortcut to emotional involvement. I find this trend all all fairly depressing.

I grew up reading Peanuts, but carefully copying the pictures in Superman and Batman comics because I honestly believed they presented a more realistic idea of what the adult world was going to be like. However, Peanuts has stayed with me while Superman and Batman have astonishingly moved on to the mass culture. I still can’t get over the idea that respectable adults now go to see superhero movies and that such films get reviewed in the New Yorker. Clearly, I am seriously out of step with the times.

fra New Statesman