I also don’t see a lot of women being treated fairly in comics

23. oktober 2012

Flere gode interviews fra internettet. Først fortæller Jaime Hernandez (og hans bror Gilbert) om deres holdning, da de begyndte Love and Rockets – og hvordan det hele ender:

Well, let’s show them this side of it. Let’s show them how punk is from my personal stance. Let’s show them how being a Mexican in Southern California is. I also don’t see a lot of women being treated fairly in comics—so it was that. It’s like taking advantage of a lot of stuff that wasn’t there, as well as just wanting to tell personal stories from our side.

I cannot see a future without it. The only thing I can see in the future is I picture Love And Rockets number whatever way down the road and they have to explain: “This special issue, Jaime died halfway through doing it. So there’s going to be some pages with just pencils on it and some blank pages. But we thought we owed it to him to finish it, to print it.” A half-issue and then, well, that’s it.

fra A.V. Club

Brødrene blev interviewet på NPR for nylig.

Så et fælles interview med fire af de største: Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Jaime & Gilbert Hernandez, fyldt med guldkorn, hvor Ware bla. siger:

I’ve fought the idea of comics being illustration many times. To even mention them in the same breath is not helpful. If you’re illustrating stories, then you’re not writing comics. The real power of comics is writing as you draw.

fra Rolling Stone

Og sluttelig en hurtig række spørgsmål til Chris Ware, hvor samtlige hans svar er oplysende og interessante. Klikker du kun på ét link i dag, skal det være dette. Vi bringer et lille udvalg:

What would your super power be?
For the vision of how I treat those I love actually to match the reality.
What does love feel like?
I spend years writing stories just to vaguely get at questions like this in the most honed yet slightly hedgy of manners, so it feels unconvincing to try to answer it so directly.
How do you relax?
I don’t.

fra The Guardian